Grad school treats and "beachin' sweets"!

I love when life weaves old friends back into your day-to-day unexpectedly. It's like a little "natural push" or a "divine-undertow"...

Aileen and I met in grad school and we immediately bonded over a healthy amount of optimism and a serious low BS tolerance - and never looked back. We've been collaborators, co-creators, and co-conspirators in the best ways. We've, sort-of, seamlessly drifted in and out of each others lives for the last 12 years (she even helped me land my current full time gig).

Today, she is a full time instructional designer, a full time mommy to two of the cutest blondies ever, and she's taking her custom sweet-shop, The Beachin' Bakery, to the next level. Check out the evolution of our design and the logo life of The Beachin' Bakery, serving Ocean County, New Jersey and surrounding areas.
+ All the good vibes!

Round 1

Pencil sketches and some quick colorization to get a sense for the vibe.

Round 2

Scanned, colorized, customized and playing with layers.

round 3

Ready for quick-print business cards / Client feedback / Quick improvements!