... Daydreaming would be my superpower.

It's Thursday and according to my Outlook reminder I should be "establishing my professional goals for 2017/18 to discuss with my boss on Monday". (But I'd rather be daydreaming!)

It can get me through a "week-long-feeling-Tuesday" and make it feel like a back porch drink on my favorite Friday.

If I was a superhero, daydreaming would be my superpower. I'm really good at it. 

packing this morning, for a last-minute weekend trip...

... I spent almost 30 minutes in Barcelona with my hubby exploring via Segway, shishito peppers, and cannabis clubs.

Commuting behind A bus driver with lots of stops, I momentarily...

... joined my niece for a swing on our favorite playground in the Poconos before heading back to the dinner table for ice cream - via sunroof.

And somewhere
along the way
I 'saw'...

... my office-converted-shed with doodle. on the front, some collaborative creatives by my side, and a steady flow of clients out the door...!

Mind-wandering leads me to my most authentic living. I've been struck with the most perfect idea for a client when I let go and let them come to me. Working when it "feels" right goes against every other traditional job I've had in life - but when deadlines are more flex and you're able - it's so much more rewarding. Fall into a daydream once a day. 

This weekend...

I'm looking forward to amazing food, much needed quality time with my hubby, and drinks/sights in Portland, Oregon.

I hear it's perfect for wanderers, and I'm on-board for inspo.

+ All the good vibes!


Like doodle.'s new business cards?

10 years in the making and 87 successful client relationships later.
Not too shabby for a freelancing-daydreamer from Delco!