Just breathe - and let the design take over...


It seems fitting that my first design blog should be about me and my fiancee, Ben! Our wedding save-the-dates had been on my mind without a motivator to get me started. Procrastination was nestled comfortably somewhere with my sketch book and my sharpies.

Amidst the extravaganza of: buttermilk pancakes, 7 syrup options, the hottest strongest coffee in one of their mugs I'll steal one of these days, 2 lbs. of crisp-p-p bacon and all of the nostalgia I enjoy so much being in the house I grew up in - I should have known a creative moment would emerge.

Ben snapped the shot of the place-mat texture *thank you!* and we enjoyed the rest of the visit at Ti and To's, leaving to go finish the weekend with sweatpants and Netflix. A few hours later it struck me that the palette of the place-mats would compliment our vibe perfectly (I love when that happens!) - and I got my hands on my old-as-crap copy of CS3 to begin!

LESSON LEARNED: Procrastination (or waiting for the perfect time to design) still works for me!

I'm excited to launch doodle.'s new site starting with: our wedding website and our wedding stationary!

One of my favorite things when working with clients is being able to tailor designs to showcase who they are for the event their hosting. Getting to do that for ourselves is surprisingly emotional for me.

More doodle.'s to come as the site continues to develop itself. (Please get in touch with helpful feedback, critiques or testimonials, here!)